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The Big Rigs Clan is an information network for CMCA members with converted buses & coaches over 35ft. 

If you application is approved, there is a $25.00 Joining Fee and a $5.00 subs (Total $30.00) for first year to the above address for your Big Rigs Clan sticker and information. 

Annually there is a $5.00 subscription fee payable by the 1st July each year. This yearly fee is to continue receiving newsletters and contact with fellow members (who may be able to help with any problems you may be having with your vehicle re fit-out or maintenance).

If you are interested in joining us, first you must be a financial member of CMCA. 
Big Rig Clan members live and travel throughout Australia, some full-time, some casual. The age of your chosen vehicle is not an issue, neither is the level that you wish to take your conversion to. The only conditions are: 

  • it must be a bus or coach 10.5 meters (35 ft) and over, and 
  • it cannot be a manufactured motorhome.

Our membership is over 140 vehicles of all makes and models. A lot of our members have had a hands-on involvement in the conversion of their rigs. As our main goal is to travel, we don't have regular meetings but generally have a good turn up at the 2 major CMCA rallies held at various locations through-out Australia every year.


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